Together We Get It Done!


Dave worked so hard to get me financed. Thank you so much.
Ashley P
I feel Dave went the extra mile. He made sure that you understood the answers to your questions. I have used Dave's services twice and have referred friends to him knowing that he would take care of them. Thank you .
Bobbi F
Dave made sure he did whatever it took to get is approved and did it as quick as possible to close on time .
Amy S
Dave was quick and on top of everything. He changed my mind on how easy a refinance can be.
Thomas P
Dave and his office really made it seem like I was their sole client with how quickly they worked and how professional they were
Colin W
Valaree W
The service was great, ver personalize. David explained as much as he could for me to understand and make the right choice. He was always available to answer my question and if he could not do it, Shea will jump in and help, she also did amazing, very helpful. Overall, it was a great customer experience.
Jose L
Great information and advice.
Jonathon P
Dave kept us updated consistently and whenever we had any questions. It was a pleasure working with him and his team and I would recommend him and Diamond Residential Mortgage to anyone. My wife and I felt comfortable with him handling our loan.
James K
Dave was very patient with me. He took great care to explain each step of the mortgage process.
Merry P
Thorough with the way he explained everything. Had timely responses with any of our questions.
Troy H
Andrew S
Dave made the buying process easy and stress free. He did everything for me and explained everything very well. I didn’t feel confused or left in the dark about anything. It was such a great experience.
Baleigh M
Dave and his staff were great. The issue I had was having to completely lift my security freeze on my credit report because of the way Diamond Mortgage monitors it. It was a huge hassle. I had never had that issue before so it made it extremely frustrating.
Joseph D
Initial application was quick
Janis E